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Query kommandoer

q sess   To see currently working sessions

can sess  ( sess no)  To cancel a session

q eve domainname schedulename    To see schedule time,nodename, scgedule name and progress of the scheeduled backup. ( q eve * * to see all scheduled backups)

q proc     To see currently running background processes

cancel process (process no)    To cancel a process

q node   To view assigned nodes in a Tivoli server 

q filespace   To check backup space utilized for each file system of a server, filesystem type…

q actlog  To view activity log

q act begind=mm/dd/yyyy begint=hh:mm:ss  endd= mm/dd/yyyy endt=hh:mm:ss     To view activity log for a specified period by begining date and end date

q act begind=today-1 begint=00:00   To view activity log from yesterday 12:00 am

q act search=transferred begint=00:00   To see all completed backup size of servers from 12:00 am

q act search=nodename     To view activity log for a node

q drive f=d   To get detailed report of drive, it’s status … 

q library f=d    To get detailed information about tape library 

q libvol    To see volumes in the tape library and it’s status

q vol   To see volumes and it’s storage pool name, capacity, status 

q req     To see requests 

reply (request no)  To continue request

q sched        To show schedule name domain, action , start date & time

q sched f=d    To show detailed report about schedules including schedule backup path

q script    Use this command to display information about scripts